6 Simple Storage Solutions For 2017

Is long and short-term storage a problem for you? Do you find yourself just not having enough room, in your kitchen, in your bathroom or in your bedroom? Well then, it’s time to get organised and finally have some room to breathe with these easy tips to help you remove the clutter from your home.

Storage solution
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1. Use drawers for bread and root vegetables

This may seem a little odd for people more accustomed to using the cutlery draw for… well, cutlery, but with a few modifications any spare drawer in your kitchen could be used to house food items that would normally take up a bunch of space in your pantry. You could even use some dividers to separate particular vegetables.

2. Got space under the bed? Use it!

No matter how small it may be, the space underneath your mattress can always be used to store something. Your old collection of cassette tapes and records, important document folders, even just plain old folded clothes can all be stored long-term under your very own bed (though it should be noted that records should always be stored on their side, never flat on the ground).

3. Get a canvas basket

In terms of a cheap, short-term storage unit, you’re not going to find a much more versatile option than a canvas basket. Commonly found for $10 or less in most home stores, these baskets can store anything from clothes to blankets to soft toys. It can function as an all-purpose holding place for things made of cotton and fabric and occupies less space in a room than a pedestal fan. If dirty clothes strewn across the floor are a frequent problem for you, this is an easy way of getting them all together in one place.

4. Get all your stationery together with a tin can organiser

Don’t throw away that empty can of beans just yet: tin cans can be used in a cheap and easy do-it-yourself method of organising all your office equipment. Just wash out the can, give it a new paint job of your choice and voila!

5. Soap box storage

Jewellery can often be one of the biggest causes of storage headaches and with good reason: rings, bracelets and earrings are small, expensive and easy to lose. Often people will invest in a mounting rack or display case to keep all their rings and necklaces in the one place. However, a less cumbersome (and much cheaper) option might be to use a soap box for long-term jewellery storage instead. Usually costing a couple of dollars from the supermarket, a soap box could be a much simpler tool for keeping all of those valuable, easy to lose, things together.

6. Ceiling storage

While ceiling space is most commonly used as a garage storage solution rather than in someone’s house, this idea can also be adapted to the living areas of one’s home. Books, DVDs, CDs and other lightweight items can all be stored using ceiling storage units, just don’t hang them too high off the ground!

Do you have any other cheap and simple tips to help people make the most of the space and spare items they have available? We’d love to hear it!


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